International Society for Pediatric Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Support (ISPMCS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.



The mission of this society is to focus on the current problems associated with pediatric cardiac patients during and after acute or chronic cardiac support. The society will bring together as many distinguished clinicians, bioengineers, and basic scientists as possible, to precisely define the current problems and suggest solutions with novel approaches.

Our long-term aspirations are to:

  1. establish our Society as the leading forum for further development of novel treatments and devices for cardiovascular health in pediatric populations at the pediatric heart centers around the world;

  2. educate more bioengineers, medical students, residents, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty members in pediatric cardiovascular research;

  3. ensure that our annual conference (International Conference on Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems & Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion continues to be the leading conference for defining the problems of current mechanical circulatory support systems in pediatric patients and suggesting appropriate solutions for underserved pediatric cardiac patients around the globe.

The first annual meeting of the Society was held at the Sixth International Conference on Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA on May 6-8, 2010.

Our motto continues to be: If the course of just one child’s life is improved as a result of this organization, we have reached our goal.

Founder and President

  • Akif Ündar, PhD

Board Members


  • Iki Adachi, MD, Houston, TX, USA

  • Emile A. Bacha, MD, New York, NY, USA

  • Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, Boston, MA, USA

  • J. William Gaynor, MD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Sabrina Law, MD, New York, NY, USA

  • Giovanni Battista Luciani, MD, Verona, Italy

  • Matthew J. O'Connor, MD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Katsuhide Maeda, MD, PhD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Michael C. Mongé, MD, Chicago, IL, USA

  • David Luis Simón Morales, MD, Cincinnati, OH, USA 

  • Robert A. Niebler, MD, Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • Chitra Ravishankar, MD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Tami M. Rosenthal, CCP, MBA, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Joseph W. Rossano, MD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Shunji Sano, MD, PhD, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Brigitte Stiller, MD, Freiburg, Germany

  • Jeffrey Towbin, MD, Memphis, TN, USA

  • Gil Wernovsky, MD, Washington, DC

  • Yves Durandy, MD, Paris, France (deceased on October 6, 2016) (in Memoriam)

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